View Full Version : how to insert image links in canvas

10-13-2014, 10:54 AM
i have a webgl page that is using canvas. the page itself is a .php file. i need to create image links in the bottom right hand corner. they are positioned in a div. i tried all the options for making html links in php code, but apparently the php doesn't appear to be the problem, but rather, the canvas. i read up on how to draw the links on the canvas, but they also need to be image links, and one of them is a javascript onclick image link. i'm a bit perplexed at the descriptions of how to do this. any help would be appreciated
here's the page

initially, i tried to solve this by just making an iframe window for the php file/canvas page, then i could use a normal html page to insert the image links at the bottom, below the iframe, but the moment i put the php file/canvas page in an iframe, it was no longer explorable (it's a 3d environment, explorable with a browser)