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Zumwalt Ohana
02-16-2006, 02:43 AM
Script: DD Countup

I've been using the Countdown script on my website (http://www.zumwaltohana.com) to countdown to the birth of our first child. The baby is now close to being overdue so I'd like to use the Countup script to display how overdue it may be. Unfortunately, it isn't displaying when I try to add it to my site. I insert the same information into the 3 data fields (width, height, color, etc.) in the CountUp script as I did in my Countdown script, but it doesn't display at all.

I noticed in the width field there's a '%' instead of a 'px' which is different between the 2 counters, but I've used both and it still doesn't display. I'm trying to post it in a limited space (150px wide), which was just fine for the Countdown script, but I wonder if that's what is keeping the Countup script from displaying. How do I adjust the script to make it display and fit? Can both scripts (Countup and Countdown) be running at the same time, or should I just use one at a time?

Thanks for any help!