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02-14-2006, 06:12 PM
I'm developing a website (www.jet-world.com) and need some code. The owner of the site doesn't want a "shopping cart" (he hates them and has too many tiny little products that change constantly - not willing to pay me full time to maintain the database of over 10,000 products). He wants a very simple pop-up window order form which generates an email that goes to him (this is already done).

HOWEVER - once the user/customer clicks on "Order Items Here" and the little order window pops up, my client wants that order window to stay on top of all other browser windows so the customers can click on different pages within his site and have the order window always accessible and visible.

I've tried some different options, none of which I like:

www.jet-world.com/skits_hx.asp (order form in new window but doesn't stay on top);

www.jet-world.com/skits_hx-test.asp (order form pop-up window the scrolls with page - not good because it covers up important information and is dedicated to that particular page only);

www.jet-world.com/skits_hx-test2.asp (bad movement but at least it can be moved and closed, if the user doesn't want to order parts. Again, dedicated to that particular page only).

Help, please. Thanks.

02-14-2006, 06:24 PM
Fortunately, not possible (imagine having always-on-top ad popups). I suggest you use frames, with a "close this frame" link in the top of the order-form frame.