View Full Version : Setting Up Audio js on Web Page

08-02-2014, 01:19 AM
Hi All,
I am requsting help from a kind helpful and knowledgable person to place scripts on one web page. I am new to this forum and know nothing about scripting at all. I maintain a church website - using Sea Monkey for updates. I want to change one webpage to use Audiojs to offer the playing of sermons from mp3 files. I want to make available only two mp3 files - probably using two separate players on the one page. The mp3 files would be updated weekly - deleteing one and adding one new one. For this purpose I thought the mp3 files would simply be Track_01.mp3 and Track_02.mp3 allowing easy naming and renaming of files as they are added and deleted weekly. The thought of two players on the one page would allow the simple placing of text on the page, above or below the players, giving the name of the speaker and the title of the message. This way the text could be easily changed weekly. Is there any kind person out there who could place the required scripts on my page for me. I could just email the one page, and a kind person email it back with all the necessary scripts. I have chosen Audiojs because of its cross platform abilities and ability to play on mobile devices, even though the website is not a mobile website. Thanks in anticipation.