View Full Version : ddlevelsmenu Hover issue in IE 11

05-29-2014, 09:03 PM
1) Script Title: ddlevelsmenu

2) Script URL (on DD): http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/ddlevelsmenu/generator.htm

3) Describe problem: I've implemented the ddlevelsmenu drop-down menu system on my website with two levels of submenus that has worked fine in earlier versions of IE and also works fine in Firefox and Chrome. HOWEVER, now in IE 11 the drop-down lists display but sometimes lose focus on mouseover so that I can't click on an item to select it. When that happens, have to right-click to be able to get to a submenu element and select it. Major bother for users.

Website URL: http://www.varisys.com

Thanks for any help you can provide.

05-30-2014, 01:08 AM
Seems fine here in IE 11. Is there any particular sequence of events I can duplicate to make the problem apparent?

One thing I would suggest though, where you have:

<li><a href="http://www.varisys.com/vs2007/Software.html" rel="SoftwareSubmenu"><b>Software</b></a></li>

and similar, lose the bold tags. Use css instead by making up a class (preferred):

<li><a class="bolded" href="http://www.varisys.com/vs2007/Software.html" rel="SoftwareSubmenu">Software</a></li>

while adding this to the stylesheet:

.bolded {font-weight: bold;}

Or try:

<li><b><a href="http://www.varisys.com/vs2007/Software.html" rel="SoftwareSubmenu">Software</a></b></li>