View Full Version : Switch Case In Checkbox

05-01-2014, 02:38 AM
Hi Everyone,

I have problem implementing switch case function to my checkbox.
I try using default checkbox, not yet styled with jquery(jqtransform)
Everything works Ok. This is the example: http://davejob.com/check/demo2.html

I use this script in my switch case:

function ToggleAll(e, moduleUID) {

case '_ctl0:rptModule:_ctl0:cbxModule':
document.getElementsByName("_ctl0:rptModule:_ctl0:rptFunction:_ctl0:cbxFunction").item(0).checked= e.checked;

And then i implement it with checkbox style (jqtransform). This is the example : http://davejob.com/check/demo.html
The checkbox style work perfectly, but not with the switch case function.

Is there any suggestion how to fix this problem? Thank you so much