View Full Version : [Translucent slide show] Problem in Google_chrome ONLY!!!

04-29-2014, 03:50 PM
I meet problem slideshow javascript "Translucent slide show (http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex14/translucentslide.htm)" in Google_chrome ONLY!!!

problem : While slide picture in website lag sometimes.

website me : http://www.gameupcoming.com/

Help me plz.


04-30-2014, 12:56 AM
Your page is in violation of Dynamic Drive's usage terms (http://www.dynamicdrive.com/notice.htm), which, among other things, state that the script credit must appear in the source code of the page(s) using the script. Please reinstate the notice first.

That said, it seems to load up OK here in Chrome (as well as in other browsers). However, the page has a lot of scripts, images, and other resources. For faster loading overall, use less resources per page.

04-30-2014, 07:18 AM

I too am using Translucent slideshow Script however, upton placing it on the page, it knocks out anything else that uses JQ, Here is link to a sample page,


I have run out ideas as to why? Your help is appreciated as this is a great script.

04-30-2014, 04:00 PM
In translucentslideshow.js, comment out the no conflict directive (add the red):

/* Translucent slideshow
* Created: Jan 12th, 2011 by DynamicDrive.com. This notice must stay intact for usage
* Author: Dynamic Drive at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/
* Visit http://www.dynamicdrive.com/ for full source code


function translideshow(options){
var $=jQuery
this.setting={displaymode:{type: . . .

By way of explanation, the no conflict directive is intended for use with other script libraries on the same page, but if you are using only jQuery and have other jQuery based scripts not able to run in that mode (the situation on your test page), it stops them from working.

By the way, I do not like the way this script works. The transition to solid image seems too jarring to me. And in Chrome, with the exception of the page of the person who posted first in this thread, images in other examples of this script that I've seen remain translucent longer than I think is intended. If you like the script that's no big deal, it's perhaps preferable to how it works in other browsers (that might be due to a mismatch between the UI and jQuery versions, but it happens on the demo page for the script, so I would think not). I'm considering filing a bug report on it and/or taking it upon myself to create a rewrite (I had nothing to do with this script's original creation).

04-30-2014, 09:24 PM
OK, I went ahead and made an unofficial update to this script that should take care of all of the problems mentioned in this thread so far (right click and 'Save As'):


05-01-2014, 05:40 PM
Great work John!!! Thank you sooooo much. You have saved the day!!!!!