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02-11-2006, 08:03 PM
Script: conveyor belt Slideshow Script

Is there a way to make it so that all of the images are not having to re-load each time this script is ran? I have 20+ images, and do not want users to have to download all images each time...

Any ideas on this?

02-12-2006, 04:39 AM
The images in the slide show will be cached once the page is loaded. Depending upon the browser and its settings, they will never need to be reloaded until the cache is emptied. However, the default behavior for IE6 and FF1.0.7 is to clear the cache of the page and its images on hitting the reload/refresh button - with Opera, I think you have to tell the browser to empty the cache. Fortunately, most users do not routinely hit the refresh/reload button. Simply navigating away and then back to the slide show page should not require the images be reloaded unless the browser's settings are such that they require this for all pages or the cache isn't large enough to hold all of the images plus any intervening cached content or the page has some code (usually a meta pragma/expires/nocache tag(s)) that require the browser to do this.

One thing that will help in all cases is to optimize your images. That way, even if they need to be reloaded and when they are first loaded, they will take less time/bandwidth.