View Full Version : Ultimate Fade In Slideshow v2.0

02-05-2014, 08:22 PM
1) Script Title: Ultimate Fade-in slide show v2.4

2) Script URL (on DD): http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex14/fadeinslideshow.htm

3) Describe problem:

This works wonderful in IE and Chrome, but in Firefox it goes whacko on me. See www.serenitycenter.net/index1.php

Any advice appreciated.

02-05-2014, 08:45 PM
When I was formatting your post I noticed that you refer to version 2.0 in your title, but the latest version is 2.4. Just curious if you want help with version 2.0 or 2.4 and if you are aware that the latest version is 2.4.

02-06-2014, 01:57 PM
They are using version 2.4. It looks OK to me in Firefox, it's just the rest of the page that looks wacky. I think that there might be some HTML syntax error or irregularity at play. If I find it, I'll post back.

02-06-2014, 02:10 PM
OK, it was an irregularity (td's cannot technically directly house the slideshow, use a div instead). Change:

<td class="tdBanner" id="fadeshow1">


<td class="tdBanner"><div id="fadeshow1"></div>

Note: In Firefox a TD cannot have the position relative property nor otherwise act as an anchor for the absolutely positioned slides. A DIV can. Other browsers aren't as picky. I'm not sure which are accurate (acting according to standards) but the fix in this and most cases is simple.