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02-05-2014, 07:20 PM

I just need some advice on how to correctly write a title tag for an item being sold.
I sell Car Key Remotes

If you type in Google Honda Key it is 4th in the search results.

If you type in Honda Keys or Honda Remote or Honda Remotes then this is a different story in the results.
How can i write a title correctly so depending on what is typed in Google "as above" my title will cover all the options and show them at a better ranking..


02-05-2014, 07:34 PM
There are a lot of underlying factors related to SEO, but generally speaking, your title tag (the thing that shows as a clickable link in Google) should be descriptive and enticing to human visitors.
No more than 65 characters (inc. spaces) and try to get your strongest keywords at the start - eye-tracking studies show that English speaking visitors skim-read in an "F" shaped, so the focus is best on the left of the page (this is also good practise for headers in web page content).

So more about those underlying factors; Work on getting you target keywords in the title tag, url (if you can), in a concise yet descriptive description meta tag, and in the first/second paragraph of your page. And all written naturally to be informative, descriptive and entertaining (if your site tone permits) for human traffic :)

These are only rough basics - SEO takes a lot of time and unfortunately there's no magic formula. Watch your traffic though (Google Analytics?) and tweak words until you see better results, and remember that search algorithms are always changing, and there are always other sites coming on to the market, so keep working, monitoring and tweaking.

02-06-2014, 04:16 PM
My gut reaction is that the title isn't what you want to mess with. I'd add an alt like:

Honda Remotes, Honda Remote Key

I'm assuming you mean the title attribute of an image and what I'm recommending is adding an alt attribute.

But if you're talking about the title tag of a page, you can either make it more verbose, or add one or more meta tags and/or use the other words elsewhere on the page.