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02-02-2014, 07:13 PM
I found this great Radio button code that I actually want to put links to radio music on my forum. I know where to put it in my forum HTML layout and how to change the words to say what I want. Here is the link to the code:


I'm using the top code listed.

I need help on two things, how to align my button better and how to put a link in each line of code so that when a button is checked and then you hit select it'll go to the radio station I put the link in for.

Now here is how I changed it so far:

<p align="right">
<FORM ACTION="../cgi-bin/mycgi.pl">
Favorite Music<BR>
<INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME="station" VALUE="S">Country<BR>
<INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME="station"VALUE="M">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Rock<BR>
<INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME="station" VALUE="L">&nbsp;&nbsp;Sports<BR>

You can see how it display here on my test forum, scroll down and it's on the right bottom in the Users Online section..


The first thing is I can't get the buttons to line up, as you can see the words have a different amount of letters. I put the "align" right tag so it would go to the right side of the page.

Second thing is I've tried different link code combinations with no luck? I want it so that if you choose Rock and then hit Select it goes to the station that is linked to Rock.

As a test just use these links back to my other forums:




Any help would be appreciated.

02-03-2014, 12:37 AM
Well I figured out one thing, I only had part of the code! LOL I've got one working with links now but still may need some help on alignment?