View Full Version : I need a script for private sports betting

12-29-2013, 08:35 AM
i need a script for private betting for sports and especially soccer.
i have a demo site that the coder see and try to make the same.
It seems more easy that it looks if you know what i need.
i have a budget of 500 us .reply or email me

12-29-2013, 02:24 PM
1. Can you give us information that this is in fact legal? This is not, as far as I know, legal in all countries/states. It is against this website's TOS to work on any illegal requests.

2. Do you need to actually use real money in the program, or can this just be a representation of bets, as in a poker game using chips? This will be much harder if credit card information is required, for example. But it would be easier if it is just tracking how much each player earns/bets/loses. It would also be possible to integrate PayPal or another online payment system, which is probably the best idea for dealing with real money-- after the calculations are made you could incorporate pay with PayPal buttons and also pay the winners.

3. What languages do you want to use? I'm assuming not Javascript, because that won't allow you to store the information. So it should be a serverside programming language (such as PHP) and a database language (such as MySQL). What does your server support?

4. Who will have access to this? Is this software just meant to track information all entered by a single person (the organizer)? Or is this meant to be accessible to anyone who wants to place a bet? And if so, do you need to have all of the user accounts created?

5. How will the software know who won? Will the organizer input all of the information when a game ends?

$500 would be reasonable for some versions of this, but: 1) this is a money-making website, so you should be able to afford more if needed, and 2) for some versions (such as a version incorporating credit card information) a significantly higher price would be reasonable (and I think wise for you-- you don't want any mistakes with money!).

I might be able to do a very basic version of this for you, depending on what you need. I won't have the time to do a complex version (such as with credit cards-- I wouldn't want to do that anyway).