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12-22-2013, 09:27 PM
I'm fascinated with a shortcut for javascript apps and event listeners - i'd like to share this with everyone (newbies especially)!

On your page you have several buttons:

<button class="add">Add</button>
<button class="update">Update</button>
<button class="delete">Delete</button>

Then you have listeners (I use jQuery):

//do something
//do something
//do something

^^^ This can add up to be a lot of code and messy - here's an OO approach to listeners:

Add data attribute to your buttons:

<button data-method="add">Add</button>
<button data-method="update">Update</button>
<button data-method="delete">Delete</button>

Now, in your javascipt you want to write less listener code so you check for the data-method value and call that method:

//listener for all button clicks

var method = $(this).data('method');//get the method/action of the button being clicked

buttonEvents[method]();//call the method of the button in the "buttonEvents" object by the key

var buttonEvents = {
add: function(){
//do something
update: function(){
//do something
delete: function(){
//do something

There you have it! shortening up the listener code in a jiff!

The 'buttonEvents' object is the scope you are calling the key/variable expression. Because of this, you do not user the '.' instead use '[]' similar to an array (arrays and objects are very closely related)

12-22-2013, 09:42 PM
Very nice. data-* attributes are underrated.

Minor suggestion:
var method = $(this).data('method');//get the method/action of the button being clicked
You don't have to create a jQuery object, here: it's expensive, and there's no advantage over "vanilla" js. This line could be:
var method = this.getAttribute( 'data-method' );
Of course, you don't need to use jQuery to assign the event listener, either, but that takes care of some complexity in making things work cross-browser.