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02-08-2006, 11:06 AM
I've just found this site and it is really great. A lot of beautiful scripts. But I'm searching something strange and didn't find, so I wish ask if someone can help:

I need to build a vertical menu to put on left side of my website. This will give access to a Sharepoint folder structure. "Sharepoint" is not an issue; any javascript is fine. the only problems is that menu items/text will not be inside code, but read from a list. The real problem is that this folder structure can have many levels and many folders for each levels, enough to produce a menu that can't fit inside the monitor.

I already have a script that renders this, but items goes out of monitor, a scroll bar appears on the right, but this event is not "visible" to the user. Nobody think that menu can extend beyond monitor. I got very bad feedback on this.

The other problem is in the horizontal dimension. I can have many levels that don't fit, or very long folder names (but I can use multiline cells).

The best thing would be a rolodex type menu: I start with the menu closed on the first folder of the first level. When mose goes on it, it expand and show the next 2 items on same level, and one "up" arrow on top of first item and a "down" arrow on third item. Moving mouse on arrows make this rolodex spin, and I can see all items. When moving mouse over an item, next level opens to the right showing the first 3 items of next level, and so on....

Anyone can help ?
Thank you !!