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11-20-2013, 07:40 AM
Please have a look at what i call a /static content/ management system. Designed for viewing the likes of HTML manuals, decompiled CHM's, and etc.

It's live, at http://novicenotes.com/anniedebrowsa_svnmanual/index.php , the manual for SVN 1.8. I keep it as a reference, clearly, as this is a reference sort of web log.

Here's the problem. E.g. Click on the "T", at left. Go down to "Tour". from there, i click links which are apparently using regular #anchor_ids to send the viewer to the proper location in the document, most easily, but i'm uncertain.

The result on clicking the link? it loads the root web (which is a WordPress CMS). I don't get it. For all the years i've been developing this thing, i've never before seen this behaviour, and surely I've used such links in my own /static/ documents, at some point. perhaps not, but this has me quite disappointed... and furthermore, doesn't make much sense; can't get my head wrapped around why it's doing this. I've tested on the localhost /testing server/ as well: same behaviours. weird. And i've got httpd.conf configure to prioritize "index.php"... i dunno. i'm just grasping at straws so to speak on this one. So bummed out, it's getting so close to the way i want it! :sobbing:

Please have a look, and offer anything you might consider a possible solution. I am grateful for your time and attention, and consideration.

Best regards.
Author: NoviceNotes.Net

11-20-2013, 08:55 AM
Doh! Okay, I figured it out. Silly oversight. You see, i had to rename the SVN Manual files, that they might better fit within an alphanumerical structure (e.g. my CMS way of organizing static content). Since-- by default-- each SVN Manual HTML file begins w/ svn.some.file.html , changed all those file names (likely using the infamous BRU / Bulk Rename Utility, but i digress...). WHat I failed to do was consider the <anchors> would not reflect such a change. I repaired that, but i'm still missing something. :sigh: still working. I will get this, but could still use some feedback. Thank you!

11-20-2013, 08:59 AM
to add insult to injury, i can't find the d*mn original SVN manual .gz whatever archive. and, it doesn't appear to be available at subversion.apache.org. any ideas? I'm afraid I may need to start over. My Regex seems to have muffed something during my testing (CSS something, looks different than orig.)
UGH! why do i bother? i mean, does anyone have use for this sort of /static content mgt/ thing?
I know i use it a hell of a lot for finding stuff on my development server! Maybe i'm just nuts. Scratch that. I know the answer.

Again, I appreciate your feedback. Where do you get your HTML-many-files version of the SVN manual? my brain must be dead today. i dunno. Thanks again!