View Full Version : Need database program pls.

02-07-2006, 04:57 AM
I am the owner - host of a gamers site for kids and I would like to try to provide them with a library. (for lack of a better description) I would like it to be login / password and a page similar to this page from a similar site... http://www.bemanistyle.com/sims/simfile.php?id=21077 it would be great to have a rating system on this page as well. The other page would be a list of the files on the database with the authors name and ratings as well as a download field for each file there as well. I am not asking anyone to steal another persons site. This happens to be something that is not used by anyone other than gamers. (Kids) I want to help give them a great site for free. Any help would be wonderful, however I do realize I am asking a lot and if there needs to be a fee associated with my request, please do so privately and email me your requested amount.(dans562@comcast.net) I am not looking for hand-outs, but this site is free for the kids, I own the server, Linux based with Apche Red Hat and mySql, so there is no server fee's and I do most of the html / php programming there but something like this is WAY out of my league. Please Help. Go To my site to get an idea for what we are. Http://www.smgroove.com

Thank you in advance!:)