View Full Version : Item Spacing in vertical scroller

02-06-2006, 05:29 PM
Script: Mike's DHTML scroller

How do I edit the spacing between text Items in this vertical scroller? I have over 50 Items I wish to place in this scroller and the distance is pretty large between the Items as they scroll up. It takes way too long to go through the list.

Although the Item temporarily pauses at the center of the window (which I like as the Item is a link), I adjusted the height of the window as it appears on my webpage thinking that I can read several of the items at the same time as they scroll up and one-by-one pause in the center.

What is happening, is the first Item appears at the bottom of the window, pauses in the the center, then scrolls up to the top, and only then does the next Item appear. What can I do to shorten the distance between these Items? Thanks for any advice.