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02-05-2006, 09:47 PM
i need to be able to click on a link that has an id value of some sort that is linked to a php or possibly a javeascript file, or both, that will recognize the size, price, s & h cost, and the pic name so that is can generate the appropriate paypal scrit and send the customer to paypal to pay.


photo is blur kitty
the customer sees the sizes offered and click 5x7
the 5x7 link somehow links to the php file, or javascript
the file that is links to needs to be able to recognize that the user clicked 5x7, and that a 5x7 is always $15 USD and $3.00 for shipping and $3 for handling and each additional photo is and extra $1 for s & h, but the price will still remain $15 / photo obviously.
once it recognizes wich size has been clicked, it will also need to recognize from somewhere which picture it is for so that in the payment in paypal, the name of the particular photo will appear with the size next to it. ex: Blur Kitty (5x7) -- that should be like the item description or something.
it needs to do this for multile sizes of photos, like 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 20x30.
so therfore, each size would have some sort of value that generates the code for paypal. otherwise i am stuck making seperate paypal codes for all 35 pics and 5 different sizes for each pic. that is a pain in the ---, especially for updating in the future.

can someone please help me write the code. i desperately need this. i will give free advertising, but that is all i can offer. i am broke, and really need the help. let me know if something like this is even possible, and i am not interested in paypal ipn, it is not what i need. i already looked in to it.

please PM me, message me on yahoo, AIM, or MSN, or email me at jstgermain@methodcomptech.com if you would like to see the files i have to see what you would be trying to make it work with. thanks for any help.

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Justin St. Germain
Method Computer Technologies

03-03-2006, 06:08 AM
I don't mean to be mean or anything, but people will probably look at a page that just links to paypal as kinda a joke.
Your webhost might offer something with secure access. it'll cost you, but should pay for itself if people buy things.

As for doing what you're talking about... its not hard, but its a LOT of work. More busy work than hard coding, but that won't be easy either.
You would need to setup a database, or, I suppose, a looooong string of ifs in php.
if ($item == 23849038) {.....};

but that would take forever to code.

the database method might save you some coding time... but you'd then need to deal with that.

depends how many items you'd need to do.