View Full Version : Document Text Sizer - Not working when substitute "body" with another tag name

10-22-2013, 07:13 PM
1) Script Title: Document Text Sizer

2) Script URL (on DD): http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex9/textsizer.htm

3) Describe problem: The instructions say that you can change out ('body',1) with another tag, so I have tried 'p' and then assigned my paragraphs to <p></p>. That did not work, so then I tried the style set of my tables which is td.body so my code looked like this: ('td.body',1) and that still did not work.

Does anyone know how to change it so it really does work with other tag names? Note the content I want to get larger are in tables and each cell is set to td.body within my code and in the stylesheet. I thought that might be a problem so then I changed them all to <p> and that still didnt work.

Here's part of my style sheet:

h1 {color:#00ff00;}
p.main {color:#333333; font-family:Arial; font-size:11pt; font-style:normal;text-decoration:none;}
p.footer {color:#333333; font-family:Arial; font-size:7pt; font-weight:normal;}
p {color:#333333; font-family:Arial; font-size:11pt; font-style:bold;}
td.body {color:#333333; font-family:Arial; font-size:11pt; text-decoration:none;}

10-31-2013, 05:26 PM
Does anyone know how to edit this properly?