View Full Version : JavaScript, Forms, and Email Oh My!

11-17-2004, 02:25 PM
:confused: I have a form and am trying to get it so the user can e-mail me an attatchment but i need it to go to my email because i don't have my comp on 24/7 and i don't want to use outlook.What's the code?

11-17-2004, 03:16 PM
Hmmm.... like this?

<form action="mailto:you@yourdmainhere.com" method="post" enctype="text/plain" >
FirstName:<input type="text" name="FirstName">
Email:<input type="text" name="Email">
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit">

11-17-2004, 03:49 PM
I was going to submit similar, but I think it's the attachment thing we really need to crack... I can't really think of anything right now.


11-17-2004, 04:40 PM
I added the <input type="file"> to it, but i can't think of how the get the file, not the path, in the e-mail

11-20-2004, 06:26 AM
I don't think there's a way and it's probably for the best, think of what a Virus could do with an instruction like that, mhm ?