View Full Version : Keeping list items selected onclick of link when the page for that link gets loaded.

10-10-2013, 07:20 AM

I am using ddlevelsmenu for creating multi level navigation. Below is the link.


Is there a way to keep the selection selected when we click and select any of the list items?

For Instance, from the demo website above, if I go to "CSS", under that select "Item folder 3b" and click on "sub item 3.2b", is there a way when I get redirected to the page linked with "sub item 3.2b" and on load of that page, the selection for "CSS", "Item folder 3b" and "sub item 3.2b" with their hover background characteristics remain as selected?

Awaiting replies,

- Harleyy

PS: This question is in link with my earlier thread whose link is as below.

I got the solutions of my queries from the thread above, but I wanted this additional thing to work, so I have updated the same as a new thread.