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02-02-2006, 12:12 PM
Hi John, sorry to keep perstering you with this script ... DD should actually sell it, I would pay for it btw

To pay money for it I need three things, but one you have already covered

Auto visible-page resize
Download bar
Text with picture - I think you already did this one

This is all about surfers who do not understand = userbility:

I have noticed that if a bring up a page on my website, using the side-pane favourites bar - the page loads great. If I later close the side-pane, so I just have the webpage displayed, it corrupts the usability of the continuous scrolling gallery, which is the version I am using. Like I can only move left. I need to reload the page to get the gallery working properly again
relates well
If I later call up - say History sidepane, I once again need to reload the page for the gallery to work properly
Can we script fot a gallery reload on change of display area?

I am on ADSL in China, which is a bit cute, but usually works ok. I have clients on dial-up, whatever that is? You did sort a fix for making the gallery invisible, until download complete, and it works excellently - many thanks, but ... my dial-up surfers are left hanging with an empty page. I have tried incorporating a download bar, courtesy of your goodselves - but the javascripts conflict, and I invariably end up with a 'Hung' download bar and no gallery. I am sure this is just a line of code and a request for object. Help appreciated

Was to include text with picture - but I am sure you already sorted this one, so I will check archives

Like I said - I will pay for this, or promote it via the website-building part of my site ... Gezzz! Where do the hours go lol

Any help appreciated, as I am a novice with javascript, though not a complete fool with either java or html - I hope

best wishes