View Full Version : help on this php code..ASAP

02-02-2006, 07:09 AM
hye all.....i just created form and one of the button that i use, i wrote the code bellow

function ff_tambah_action(element, action)
switch (action) {
case 'click':
ff_getElementByName('jadual').value = ff_getElementByName('senarai_hari').value + " " + ff_getElementByName('masa').value +
" " +"-"+ " " + ff_getElementByName('masa2').value + " " + ff_getElementByName('senarai_subjek').value;
} // switch
} // ff_tambah_action

the function of the button is, when i click that button, it will display value from select list to the textarea and this will continue until the user finished selected all the value. i may display the result, but i cannot make the things go looping. also, everytime the button click, it will display in the new line. ur help will be much helpful and this is urgent. thank you......