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01-29-2006, 11:26 AM
Hello people,

I have a probably easy question:

There certain websites of schools here. some are on www.school1.nl and other are on www.school2.nl for instance, so on different domains. Now, there is a new company that wants to bring all these school together.

We had to design the website for this new company named Obase. Now, what they wanted was links on their main website to those schools they ''run''. however they wanted a banner under each website. now it is impossible to edit every website from those schools and place a banner under each site. BUT! my question...is it possible to do that with frames? to open an offsite link with the Obase banner on the bottom? I have tried some things, but 100% x 100% iframes within a table don't work in firefox...

Is it possible to make for instance make one frameset, with a frame nested on the bottom with the banner always in it, and make 'dynamic' links to the top frame, so you can open whatever offsite link in it?

I hope this is possible...


Coen Deurloo