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01-27-2006, 12:06 AM
I am relatively new to web page building, but I have been trying to install the above script, but with no success. I am a Mac user and have tried running script in IE5+, Safari 1.2.3. and Firefox 1.0.4.
Can someone maybe explain what actually needs to placed in the code fields as I feel this is where I am going wrong ??? i.e. as a hyperlink do I need to insert "a href" ??? :confused:

01-27-2006, 04:44 AM
Of the browsers you mention, only Firefox can be reasonably certain to work with this script on a Mac. Test the demo page. Whatever browsers the demo page works with should be able to made to work on your configured version. If there are more than one, pick one and work with it exclusively until you get a version of your own working. If there is only one, use that one.

Now, as to the configuration, there are no secret codes or syntactical representations, the code available to be copied from the demo page is a working version, that if used with images actually named photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg, etc. and with links actually found at the addresses in the code will actually work. So, other than 'Substitute your images and links for the images and links in the script' there are no special instructions other than that you should also set these variables:

var trans_width='140px' //slideshow width
var trans_height='225px' //slideshow height
var pause=3000 //SET PAUSE BETWEEN SLIDE (3000=3 seconds)
var degree=10 //animation speed. Greater is faster.

which are pretty self explanatory. But, you can even leave them 'as is' at first, just to get the thing running.