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03-10-2013, 09:41 PM
1) Continuous Reel Slideshow:


3) Describe problem: OK, here goes. I am trying to use this script in a dreamweaver template with multiple slideshows but across different pages. So i have created the scripts for 2 slideshows in the template but they are not appearing on the same page. Everything seems to work fine and the correct images display where they should but the pages where the slideshows appear show an error of not finding the DIV statement for the other pages slideshow.

2 slideshows, Haj and Manufacture. Both Slideshows work but when the Haj page is opened there is an error for not finding the declared DIV of Manufacture and vice versa. I hope that makes sense and that you can help. I love this script and have finally got my head around positioning everything i need etc so do not want to swap to another gallery unless i really need to.

Here's hoping!

03-10-2013, 09:56 PM
Without seeing the markup I would guess that's because you have JavaScript for both slideshows in a common header template (in the <head> section of the web page), but only one slideshow div per page - in the <body> section of the web page?

You would need to include only the javascript for the slideshow that is being used in the head, or alternatively, try putting both slideshow divs in the page body but set style="display:none;" on the one that isn't needed.

For more help, please provide a link to your web pages.

03-11-2013, 01:02 PM
init:function($, slidesHTML){
var slideshow=this, setting=this.setting
if (document.getElementById(setting.wrapperid)){
this.$wrapperdiv=$('#'+setting.wrapperid).css({position:'relative', visibility:'visible', overflow:'hidden', width:setting.dimensions[0], height:setting.dimensions[1]}) //main DIV
if (this.$wrapperdiv.length==0){ //if no wrapper DIV found
alert("Error: DIV with ID \""+setting.wrapperid+"\" not found on page.")
this.$imageslides.eq(this.curslide).css(reelslideshow.routines.createobj([this.posprop, 0])) //set current slide's CSS position (either "left" or "top") to 0
if (this.setting.displaymode.type=="auto"){ //auto slide mode?
this.maxsteps=this.setting.displaymode.cycles * this.$imageslides.length
if (this.setting.displaymode.pauseonmouseover){
this.rotatetimer=setTimeout(function(){slideshow.rotate()}, this.setting.displaymode.pause)