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02-15-2013, 12:47 PM
I am trialling a program called Search Maker Pro to help me build a custom search engine.

Software seems to work fairly well. It indexes all content and creates a simple html page using a simple form and javascript.

I already have search form on my pages. What I would like to do is save all the javascript within one javascript file and tell my form to execute it.

Have a look at what I have tried to do at http://www.kenwhitesigns.co.uk (only trying with the home page at the mo). I have told the form that the "action" is "search.js" but when I execute the search bar with a search term, this just displays the .js file. I know the script works, because if I insert it in the header of the page and execute the script using the 'action' method shown at the bottom of search.js, the search works.

Obviously I do not want to go through all the pages and insert all this script in every page because in future I would just like to update the .js file when I reindex the site.

This is probably really simple but I have never used JS before and only started teaching myself HTML about 3 months ago in order to build this website.

Any help would be much appreciated.

02-15-2013, 12:52 PM
I just want to be able to execute the Javascript in an external file using a form 'action' or 'command'