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01-20-2013, 02:02 AM
1) Script Title: mouseover tabs menu

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I posted a question a few weeks ago, but my request was not clear, so i want to post a similar, but different question.

I would like to add some more smarts to this script. Specifically, i would like to introduce the notion of "current_category" and "current_subcategory" to the script. The "current_category" and "current_subcategory" would not be defined when on the home page, but once the user selects an item (category) from the main menu, and then goes to that subsequent "category" page, i would like that item to be hi-lighted on the main menu. Even as the user mouse-over's the other items on the main menu (and they are "selected" and hi-lighted), i want the current category item to stay hi-lighted until another category is clicked on. This way, the user always knows what page/category they are in.

Similarly, i would want the sub-menu to act in the same manor. Always having a current sub category selected, when on that page. And also the correct main menu item would be selected.

And one other item would make this script perfect (in my opinion), would be to have a way to have the script recocnize what the current category and sub-category is, by being able to interogate the URL of the current page and set the current category and sub-category correctly in the main and sub-menu's.

I know this is a lot, but someone must have done this already. Seems to be fairly basic functionality.

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Thanks much!!!