View Full Version : Chained select menu shows not all options

01-02-2013, 11:23 PM

i created a chained select menu for our firm homepage, but i works not allready correct. It`s used for a produkt-finder, there fore are about 300 - 400 options, the menu "finished to look" for the options at about 150. Is there a limit?
You can see my produkt-finder on the website: http://www.moellerstonecare.eu/www.moellerstonecare.eu/steinpflegemittel.html
The first part works very good, if you are looking for "Reinigung" (means cleaning), you can find the rigtht produkts. But it is not possible to find our produkts in "Schutz" (means maintenance), there it stops after the third menu. (Pflege + sonstige can not work, because i don`t go on with programming.)

Have anyone a idea where there is the problem?

Tanks for your help