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11-07-2012, 09:02 PM

I'm sorry, my English is bad

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
//Usage: writeRichText(fieldname, html, width, height, buttons, readOnly)
writeRichText('rte1', '<?=$row['message']?>', 50, 100, true, false);


Preblem this: '<?=$row['message']?>' ,What is wrong?

Disabled Text Editor


11-07-2012, 09:48 PM
Im not really sure what the question is, but I think it is that the php is not echoing $row['message'], if not, tell me. First if all, check what version the server is. It's a long shot, but if its earlier than 5.4, short tagging needs to enabled. The next thing to check, is if you have an array for $row, if there is anything in it and whether it is an associative array or not. The first, is checking whether there is something to echo and the last is to check that you can use words to call array items. Once again, if I'm off on completely the wrong path, tell me.

11-07-2012, 10:03 PM
Add Post is not.
1 post editing
To load the current message with '<?=$row['message']?>'

11-08-2012, 02:37 AM
Once again, I still don't understand what the problem is. Is there an error? Is it not displaying?

11-08-2012, 02:41 AM
Tutaste, what is your native language?
There's a small possibilty that one of the members may speak it and therefor be able to help you better.

If they can't, you need to try to describe your problem as best you can.

11-08-2012, 05:25 AM
Another her option is to post in your native language, as we may have better luck via google translate then you speaking in a foreign language.

11-08-2012, 07:04 AM
Hello from Turkey
I use google translate
Editor is not open to members
html email body message to the administrator
Message to MySQL record
Edit or change the same message required: '<?=$row['message']?>'
No problem:'' http://awesomescreenshot.com/0e6lon8f2
Problem this:'<?=$row['message']?>' http://awesomescreenshot.com/0f9loni20

11-08-2012, 09:03 AM
When does the problem occur? The only thing I can think of, is that $row['message'] doesn't actually exist.

11-08-2012, 11:46 AM
No, the message available
adding this the problem: '<?=$row['message']?>'

without this:'<?=$row['message']?>'
is working this way: '' message is written to the database

But, Submit send message, Again load in text editor message, This problem?