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10-23-2012, 09:00 PM
1) Script Title: tdoncall.js

2A) Good URL (http://www.techdata.com/content/service/tdoncall/test/index.aspx) - http://www.techdata.com/content/service/tdoncall/test/index.aspx
2B) BAD URL (http://www.techdata.com/content/service/tdoncall/test/test.aspx) - http://www.techdata.com/content/service/tdoncall/test/test.aspx

3) Describe problem: Horizontal Accordion Mouseover behavior changes on Desktop/Laptop browser. If you visit both the Good and Bad URLs above, you can see the difference in behavior. In summary, Bad URL haccordion mouseover collapses itself and never opens again using the mouseover. The 'Browse' hotlinks below the haccordion allow sliding effect.

My company uses a template to provide our company wide header and navigation bar. Clearly it is causing a conflict since the Good URL works (the header/navigation bar you see is only an image ... fake) and the Bad URL consist of my company's template and my code injected in it.

Troubleshooting so far:
Comment out all Glide Content Wrapper code to make sure not source of conflict.
The old haccordion js use to allow setting mouseover or onclick in settings. Since it was removed I tried using the js haccordion.expandli right outside the img tags with each div to try and simulate the 'browse' hotlink onclick functionality. It worked but any mouse movement dominates and moves all sliders left again when a mouseover event occurs.

Sacrifice if needed. Is there anyway to kill the mouseover functionality all together and when someone clicks the slider it kicks the slider out like the 'Browse' hotlinks at the bottom do? All haccordion code should be viewable from links above (view source), if not let me know and I'll attach.

10-24-2012, 06:54 PM
give a link to your page please

10-24-2012, 07:00 PM
Moderator's Note: The link to the pages are in the original post.

Found that when I comment out the majority of the 'expandli' code in the called js file it stops the haccordion from expanding (of course), but also that it stops it from contracting once and stopping to work (behavior on the BAD URL). I thought the collapse code was triggering somehow and causing this but the unwanted mouseover collapse behavior stops when I comment out:

if (typeof config.$lastexpanded!="undefined") //targetli may be an index, ID string, or DOM reference to LI
config.$lastexpanded.stop().animate({width:config.paneldimensions.peekw}, config.speed) //contract last opened content
$targetli.stop().animate({width:$targetli.data('hpaneloffsetw')}, config.speed) //expand current content