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10-03-2012, 04:22 AM
Ajax side panel


This page was working just fine until tonight.
The sidepanel opens as it should but then displays nothing.
When the close handle is clicked, nothing happens.
When you click elsewhere, nothing happens.
I have to refresh the page to close the panel.
Tested in IE and FF with same results.

test page (http://mroldies.net/charts/1960/January-4-1960.html)

10-03-2012, 06:43 AM
I'm seeing the same issue as you, but interestingly, if I save your page to the computer first and run it locally, each panel loads correctly and closes when the "close" button is clicked.

What happens if you add data-loadtype="iframe" inside the anchor link to load the content inside an IFRAME instead?

<a href="http://mroldies.net/1960/Robbins.html" data-select="#item1" rel="ajaxpanel" data-loadtype="iframe">El Paso </a>

10-03-2012, 11:23 AM
Thanks for hint. That did make the page work as it should for now.