View Full Version : PHP/MySQL updating/deleting file with multiple image links.

08-28-2012, 06:40 PM
Hello, I haven't been here in a while and I didn't want to go posting tons of code for help without asking first.

I have started a 'car dealership inventory' program for a learning project but im stuck. The program is simple in theory, it allows you to view all vehicle inventory or search the inventory database. Logging in as admin allows y ou to enter the vehicles into the database, as well as modify and/or delete the records.

The code will let users search and view all, it will allow admin to enter records into the database, but it will not allow them to delete or modify the record at all, also using the unlink function it is supposed to delete the images stored in their file locations when the record is deleted from the database.

Is this the kind of thing I can get help with here? or is that a bit much?

anyways, I thank you all for your time and help :)

08-29-2012, 02:36 AM
Is this the kind of thing I can get help with here? or is that a bit much?
As a general rule, we're happy to help with questions we can reasonably answer from just reading the post (and/or looking at a link).
If it takes more time than that, it might be beyond what we can offer (at least for free-- there's a "paid work requests" section where you could find someone to actually work with you on the project, or do it for you). Sometimes help goes above and beyond, but it just depends on interest. If you're clear with your questions and make it easy to help you, that will greatly increase the odds of getting good help-- I can't emphasize that enough (and it's probably the main reason that some questions never get answered-- unclear posts, not enough information, etc.)
At the other end of things, one thing we don't do is here do a project for you. We'll offer advice and sometimes a bit of code, but it's almost always in the context of help rather than something we give you-- especially not a finished product.

So, you're welcome to ask. But I'd suggest splitting your questions into managable bits with clear information on the exact problem. For example, you could start with the unlink() problem. (As a quick guess, I suggest double checking permissions for those files-- that can often be the problem, and it can get a little confusing.)
Try to avoid posting your whole script/system here (if it's long-- it sounds like it is) so we can just focus on the part that's not working. This can also help you to debug the code yourself-- work in small bits with test pages, then only after it's working try integrating it into everything else. It will probably save you time in the end.