View Full Version : Scrollable Content II layering problem in Safari

01-09-2006, 09:00 PM
I have recoded the Scrollable Content II script to be a horiz scroller, and it works perfectly in IE (PC/Mac), and Firefox (PC/Mac), but I get very strange behavior in Safari. Let's see if I can describe this:

Visit http://www.900frames.tv to see the scroller in Safari.

So, first off, I got rid of all NS4 checking since I don't care about NS4 users anyway, so it's strictly getElementById and the iens6 variable. Secondly, the page is in XHTML, which doesn't support the LAYER or ILAYER tags anyway.

I have the scroller content inside of the container, and I have an arrow image on either side of the container - one to scroll left, one to scroll right. The stuff inside of the content DIV is only images, and I have a mouseover on each of those images to display a caption underneath the images when you hover over them. When I hover over the right arrow to start scrolling, I don't get any scrolling action, and instead get the caption underneath the hidden image. The mouseover of the IMGs is ABOVE the A tag of the arrow, even though the images are hidden by overflow:hidden in the container, and in a nested DIV tag. I've messed around with z-index, which doesn't work, and I'm pretty much at an impasse.

Does anybody know of any overflow:hidden/postition:absolute/nested DIV/onmouseover/Safari problems that might be causing this?

01-09-2006, 09:21 PM
So I figured it out. Apparently the content DIV inside of the container DIV had a width that was too small. I have the page calculate the width of the content DIV based on the number of images there are in the scroller, and I guess I had it short by 8 pixels. Still very weird Safari behavior if you ask me....