View Full Version : Persistent default tab for DD Tab Menu II - revised

01-09-2006, 10:15 AM
Script: DD Tab Menu

Morning - I need some help with some tab behaviour.

I've got the menus working almost exactly as they've been briefed to me but I've been asked to modify the behaviour further. This is how far I've got it:


For me this is perfect but my bosses want the default tab to remain blue all the time so that our clients have a reference to which page they're on. Using onmouseout, I modified the behaviour to make the default tab snap back:


This would be cool except for that that when you moved the mouse off the bottom of the tab, the sub-menu disappears - except for the default tab - making the links inaccessible.

I'm trying to keep this nav bar in the template only so I don't have to change tabs in every page of the site. I do have the initial tab variable set on each page but this isn't really a problem.

Can anyone help me work this out? Many thanks in advance.