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08-30-2004, 07:21 PM
could someone tell me what i need to know read or learn so i can understand this code.. :confused:

var cipher = new String("askjs.dfiuplrfs.3d58jn.sefuhs7dfieru78.sd,s,sdaud9sa.umt");

var send_em_on = cipher.substr(11, 1) + cipher.substr(16,1) + cipher.substr(10, 1) + cipher.substr(0,2) + cipher.substr(39,1) + cipher.substr(52,1) + cipher.substr(27,1) + cipher.substr(55,1) + cipher.substr(54,1) + cipher.substr(11,1);

it refers to a link to a new page being the new location.href = send_em_on

i need to know what i must learn to understand it don't tell me what it is ok thanks.. :D

08-31-2004, 06:32 AM
Hi ,

Can you please post a link to the website in question, as I may be able to help seeing the code in context.


08-31-2004, 08:04 AM
Yes, plus that would also clarify that you're not trying to decipher code that was meant to be encrypted for security reasons.

09-29-2004, 05:20 AM
it's an ecrypted message alright but i need to know what must i learn in order to undersand it... the page i'm referring to is http://www.loginmatrix.com/hackme/look4.html
i've gotten this far and i don't know much about java :p
if you could be specific about what i must learn i woul greatly appreciate it :D