View Full Version : Persistent default tab for DD Tab Menu II

01-05-2006, 12:18 PM
Morning people.

Firstly, thanks for making such a great place. It's been especially helpful while trying to fumble my way through the joys of menus.

Using DD Tab Menu II, I've created a horizontal nav bar that works perfectly. But one requirement is that the default tab set with the (var initialtab=[1, "sc1"]) remains as the default even after you've moved over the other tabs.

Currently, I've got the nav bar set in a template and wish to keep it that way if I can. I've seen how to do what I want by using the custom tab feature but this means taking the nav bar out of the template and having to put it on each page and manually tweak each tab.

I also thought that an onmouseout could be used but my knowledge of Javascript is too weak to work it out.

Is there a way to make the default selected tab stay selected but still roll over the others in a template?

Many thanks in advance.