View Full Version : HV Menu - Possible to have the same menu appear on multiple pages?

01-04-2006, 12:25 AM

I am using using HV menu v5.5


I would like the menu to appear on multiple pages of a website. For example, when you select an option from the home page and go to a different page, I would like that new page to have the same menu appear.

The only way I think you can achieve this is to have a number of exmplmenu_var.js and menu_com.js in each sub directory along with the code within each web page. Is this correct?

The problem with the above is if you change exmplmenu_var.js for any reason, you have to go through the entire site and update them all!

Is it possible to add the code to each web page and somehow reference it back the code to a single .js source?

Your thoughts and comments would be very helpful.

In anticipation .....