View Full Version : HV Menu (with ASP/MS SQL)

09-09-2004, 07:55 AM
I work on a site that needs to have a dropdown menu and up to this day I have been using cross-browser.com's xmenu4 because I thought it was great and worked with most browsers. But lately I have found out that this is not the case.

The xmenu4 is build with <li> and <ul>'s designed with dhtml/css to create a dropdown menu ( http://www.privat.swedoor.se )

Since there were compability issues I started looking for other alternatives (since I really don't have the time to develop one of my own and because I don't really have the appropriate cross browser knowledge)

First I tried Jim's DHTML Menu and it looked great, in IE6 and Mozilla but did not function whatsoever in IE below the version of 6 and in any netscape version, so that was a set back

Now I have tried MV Menu and I love it, it works in all browsers I have tried IE4+, Netspace7+, Opera 7+, Mozilla. I went to bed a happy man.

All was great until a few minutes ago when I realized I may not be able to use it.

My problem is that with the xmenu4 I use ASP and MS SQL queries to create certain parts of the menu and to show certain parts of the menu depending on user rights. That worked great since the output system of that menu is html-based <li>/<ul>. But the HV Menu is pure javascript.

Is there anyway that I can solve this? Using asp/mssql to write out menu items with the HV Menu or am I screwed?

All support is appreciated!