View Full Version : Spotlight Effect!

01-02-2006, 02:00 AM
I'm having problems with the spotlight effect....

I have inserted all the right codes and it works fine but then when i add another image and want to use the spotlight effect on that, it doesn't work and the other one doesn't work.

can you have the same effect on one page?

thanks if you can help xx

01-02-2006, 06:55 AM

If this is the moving spotlight script, it already has provisions for more than one image. However, if you mean as I think you may, the Image Spotlight effect script, that is a one image per page deal, unless you want to use an iframe to show an additional page on your page, there is no easy way to have more than one. Still, this being a resource intensive script, it would be a bad idea (from the Image Spotlight effect demo page):

"Technical Note

Testing using two computers of varying speeds reveals that this effect requires a rather decent computer to render smoothly (ie: on a Celeron 400, the spotlight moves ratherly choppily). Also, the larger the image size (dimensions wise), the more resource-intensive the script becomes. Keep these two points in mind as you spotlight that huge photograph you took using your digital camera!"

By logical extension this would mean that using the script more than once on a page, even if rendered in an iframe, would really bog down many computers.