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04-20-2012, 03:45 AM
1) Looking for PHP programmer to help with site need to be able to create and install tables in pHp admin and connect to web pages. this will be ongoing work with NRWEBUS http://nrwebus.com
I wish to be innovative and make new **** you only need to check in and work once a week for 25$ ,, for right now, thats 100$ a month how long will you work for 25$, well how good are you? I have projects in line
http://tour.nrwebus.com i need data base to not conflict and have some one who can add data manually to base such has user name and password , i just don't have the skill and afraid i will screw it up and then it don't work i am learning php i do all the html and design and graphics and ect. NRWEBUS is legal company in CA. well waiting for papers from state with numbers and then https is needing to be installed all paid for and waiting help me please

2) Payment methods I support (Paypal:

04-20-2012, 03:52 AM
Looking for PhP mysQl programmer 6 years exp. complex code
I wish to be innovative and make new **** you only need to check in and work once a week for 25$ ,, for right now, thats 100$ a month how long will you work for 25$

...about half an hour

good luck with your innovative ****

04-20-2012, 05:41 AM
If you're serious about this offer, it would help to make the post coherent. It also sounds very low to me as well, unless the work is very basic just checking that nothing is broken for example. Post some details if you want to find anyone who would be interested.

04-20-2012, 04:17 PM
indeed. As near as I can tell from your post, you're saying:

-- you want a programmer with 6 years of experience writing new, innovative, complex, database-driven web applications, on their own, from scratch.

The promise of $25 per week won't get someone (with these qualifications) to an interview.

-- you need someone to design and implement a database for you.

I don't think you understand the scope of this request: before this task could even be started, you would need a definite understanding of what your entire project, so the database can be designed appropriately: you don't even offer a single word of what that project is. Not even whether it's web-based, a desktop program, a mobile app, SaaS, or just the website itself.

$25 doesn't even cover a week of figuring out what you need and writing a spec.

-- you need a user system; e.g., (at least) registration, login, and user management.

I think you have only a cursory understanding of this task as well. There are many, many components to a user management system. Permissions, groups, and authorization are just a few things that -if you stop and think about it- you will really need, but probably don't have a concrete definition of yet. Many people (even programmers) don't even really think of all these things in concrete terms.

$25 might cover a week of user support -ongoing user management, technical assistance, and so forth- after the system is built. if you subcontracted the service.

-- you need your site to implement ssl/tls.

First off, this shouldn't be an afterthought. If you design your whatever-it-is first and add https later, you're going to have a lot of conflicts between https and the stuff that was programmed to use http - you'll spend months finding all these little things and switching them over.

$25 would probably cover installing a security certificate (once you've purchased the certificate, and a hosting plan that will support it).

With the lack of details, one might take a look at the url you provided to get an idea of what your project might entail.

Your website gives no further clues as to what it's actually intended to do. Nothing there implies anything "new" or "innovative." Looks like reseller webhosting, maybe? and/or something else? You're recruiting cold-call sales staff? Your description of your business as "a legal company" further confuses things - I don't see anything at all related to legal services.

(hint: if you find yourself needing to specify that your site is "not a pyramid thing," that's a sign that it either is, or your message has completely failed.)

The site has the appearance of a horrible spam marketing product of the late 90's. If any part of your project involves your website, this is very discouraging, because it's apparent that it will be lots of ground-up work - but harder, because there is already a product (and possibly the requirement of making everything "compatible" with Microsoft FrontPage) in place.

Please note that I'm trying to be constructive here, not just tear you apart.

No, your offer is not reasonable. Giving the benefit of the doubt, you may simply not understand the huge scope of what you're requesting. It's good that you understand that what you need done is beyond your skills. Take a moment to consider how far beyond your skills this really is, and what the skills and talents that you require are really worth.

I would encourage you to step back and consider, first of all, your project goals and requirements. You'll have much better luck recruiting someone this way. If you're serious about making your project succeed, you might even consider hiring a consultant (for more than $25/week) to help you work out a project outline and technical requirements.

I wish you luck,