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04-20-2012, 03:17 AM
I have this problem with flexdropdownmenu works in oprea crome safari firefox but not in windows internet exploder




i have installed this works fine also have floating login both work fine on all browsers but IE ? i have tried with base link and just pointer text, same thing
had a hellofa time making menu work in 2 tabs but finaly got flexDDmenu 1 and 2 tried to add 3 but just can't get it to go that far.
so i think in IE there is conflict between log in and flex the log in works in all
am I just stupid or what ?,, thats the real question i guess

04-20-2012, 04:50 PM
I'm sorry I don't have a complete answer for you. But part of it is that with the supplement method you're using there, you need to omit the the data- attributes. So, where you have:

<td align="center" width="140" height="30" background="/images/blckbartop-7-1-4.png">
<a href="/thefaqpage.htm" ID="link1" data-offsets="[20,0]" data-flexmenu="flexmenu1">
<font size="4" face="Industrial736 BT"><font align="center" color="#FFD770" onMouseOver="this.style.color = '#0F0'"
onMouseOut="this.style.color = '#FFD770'"><b>THE NETWORK</B></a>
<td align="center" width="140" height="30" background="/images/blckbartop-7-1-4.png">
<a href="/hosting.html/" ID="link2" data-offsets="[200,50]" data-flexmenu="flexmenu2">
<font size="4" face="Industrial736 BT"><font color="#FFD770" onMouseOver="this.style.color = '#0F0'"
onMouseOut="this.style.color = '#FFD770'"><b>WEB US&nbsp; HOSTING </b></a>

You need to get rid of the highlighted. The script doesn't expect them there with this method. All others are error correcting for that, but IE 8 and less do not. Do just that much and there will be an improvement in IE.

That information belongs here:

<script type="text/javascript">

$(document.body).append(flexmenu1.menu) //append menu with variable name "flexmenu1" to document
$(document.body).append(flexmenu2.menu) //append menu with variable name "flexmenu2" to document

$('#link1').addflexmenu('flexmenu1') //apply flex menu with ID "flexmenu1" to link with ID="link1"
$('#link2').addflexmenu('flexmenu2', {dir:'h', offsets:[8,0]}) //apply flex menu with ID "flexmenu2" to link with ID="link2"

And that's probably the information being used anyway, even in the browsers that are currently working. So that part doesn't need to change.

What's bothering me is that even after removing the inline data- attributes, and the menus show up in IE, they behave badly (not always appearing and disappearing when desired) and I can't figure out why. I tried taking off all the other scripts, styles, and all the meta tags. Nothing helped. It may just be an artifact of trying to run the page locally though, so keep your fingers crossed.

I did a local mockup with only the menu, and using your flexdropdowncontents.js file and it worked fine in IE 8 once I got rid of those data- attributes. So I know it does work. And it works on the full page, just a little balky.