View Full Version : Gallery to function outside iframe with Fancybox

04-09-2012, 08:08 PM
Hi all,

My question is based on a previous thread, I'm a jQuery beginner so I used post #7 of this as a starting point:

Please see the page I am working with: http://www.christoffah.com/misc/iframetest/

Clicking a photo on the second row allows you to navigate 'next' and 'previous' because the two photos are 'grouped' together, however they appear within the iframe. What I need is this next/previous functionality, but for the images to load outside of the iframe.

I have attempted this with the top row, image #2 gives the best results but I am unable to 'group' the top row of images together. I don't know how to use the 'display outside of iframe' code written by jscheuer1 on the aforementioned thread, and to combine this with 'grouping' the images.

Hope this makes sense - if anyone could steer me in the right direction it would be most appreciated! Many thanks.