View Full Version : Changing index.html to index.php TO-DO list

03-09-2012, 09:37 PM
I bought a mobile phone script online which I have tested out on a sample site which is relatively easy and simple to use.

An item that needs to be done is to switch index.html to index.php. Iíve done some searching and have found bits of information, but not very clear answers to what I am looking for.

1.) What is a basic script that creates a redirect for those who have already bookmarked the index.html site?
2.) Does this affect other pages as well or just the home page as this is one the mobile script is designed for?
3.) Do you need to adjust Google analytics after doing this?
4.) Is there anything else you would recommend doing in order to not lose search engine rankings as it is switched over?

I truly appreciate your time and answers.