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03-08-2012, 03:27 AM
This is a date selector that I created that is extremely user-friendly. Here are some featuers of the date selector:

Selector is completely Javascript-based. No iframes are used. It runs on the client computer, minimizing downloading of data from your server.
Multiple inputs for date fields can be incorporated easily.
Simply clicking in the field opens the calendar.
No script is need within your HTML code. Simply add calendar.js and calendar.css to your head section.
The current month will show automatically with current date highlighted.
If date is selected, then reopening calendar opens to that selected date with selected date highlighted.
Opening calendar to month other than current is easy.


Simple Javascript-based Date Selector (http://javascript.anirdesh.com/calendar.php)

If you're into programming, you'll understand the easy code and modify it to your needs, such as

- Blocking weekends from being selected.
- Blocking past days from being selected.