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01-23-2012, 11:09 AM
Hi there


Can I use a URL link to access a specific page of my glider content?


01-23-2012, 02:43 PM
Yes, in your on page call, use the highlighted values as shown (other values may be of your choosing):

<script type="text/javascript">

gliderid: "canadaprovinces", //ID of main glider container
contentclass: "glidecontent", //Shared CSS class name of each glider content
togglerid: "p-select", //ID of toggler container
remotecontent: "", //Get gliding contents from external file on server? "filename" or "" to disable
selected: (function(){var s = /selected=(\d+)/.exec(location.search); return s? s[1] : 0;})(), //Default selected content index (0=1st)
persiststate: false, //Remember last content shown within browser session (true/false)?
speed: 500, //Glide animation duration (in milliseconds)
direction: "downup", //set direction of glide: "updown", "downup", "leftright", or "rightleft"
autorotate: true, //Auto rotate contents (true/false)?
autorotateconfig: [3000, 2] //if auto rotate enabled, set [milliseconds_btw_rotations, cycles_before_stopping]


Once you have that - say your page with the glider on it is called glider.htm. Then from another page you may have a link like so:

<a href="glider.htm?selected=1">Go To Glider Page, start with 2nd content showing</a>

Just remember that the selected is a 0 based index, so ?selected=0 is the first content, ?selected=1 is the second content, ?selected=2 is the third content, and so on. Do not select a content number higher than is available.

And, as shown above, persistence must be set to false, otherwise a previously set cookie for the page (if any) will override your preference.

If no ?selected=# is present, it will start with the first content (0).