View Full Version : Creating Forum Signiture Scripts

12-18-2005, 07:51 PM
I was recently asked a question by a friend asking me how do i create automatic signiture scripts for all of my members. He persued to tell me that he did not want to just create a banner for each member personally so he wanted a system that automatically creates them for new members.

I came up with an idea that there are 2 possible ways around this and i was wondering if you could please help me. Below are the options.

1) Make a form where the users select the backround image (an aircarft in this case) then select their classified rank and soo on. After they had selected all of those options the system would automaticaly put those parts together and then the image would be generated.

2)If there is a system out ther?( anywhere) that creates a new signiture script every time a new member joins that would be fantabbi doobie and we just rotate the images every so often? So if you have that script i would love to hear from you.

At the moement i am barley getting through creating all types of signitures which is a long and boring process and i really need help. So if you can help me please reply!!!!!!!!!! i need you help its driving me insane!


James :) :p ;)