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01-07-2012, 03:40 AM

Need some help with a slider, In our website we are to display a list of places in a city and show them on the home page using a slider so that users can scroll through the list of places using right or left button in a bunch of 5 places at a time something like this

----Prev Place1 Place2 Place3 Place4 Place5 Next ---

when the user clicks on Next it should go to the next set of 5 places. this sounds simple and i have coded it myself using ajax with php and also implemented this with many of the online js scripts available for scrollers. but somehow either the code is too heavy due to jquery js inclusion or not able to retain the selected place in the home page.

Another requirement that i coded was that if a place is selected in the second bunch of 5 places then when i come back to the home page the slider must display the second bunch of 5 places with the selected place no basically using the $_GET /$_SESSION(which resets every time a new place is selcted)

need some help guys!. as i am fairly good at use of php and ajax, but js burns my fingers ;)

Thanks a tonne for stopping by...