View Full Version : Browser Compatability For Table

12-18-2005, 01:58 PM

I am using Dreamweaver, and in one of my table cells I am using a background image of a menu tab set to no-repeat in an external stylesheet and in a separate cell right below that, another background image of an image which is about 10 px wide, and I allow that to tile because I need that to expand as needed to write the body of the text over that. Below that, I have some other cells, sometimes empty, sometimes filled. Cell padding and spacing is set to 0. I can make it view like one piece in IE, but in Firefox and Netscape, sometimes it views as one and sometimes it appears that there is a separation between the tab background and the body background. (I hope that makes sense) If I fix the height on the cells on the ones that don't view correctly in Firefox and Netscape, then it doesn't view correctly in IE. I use the height setting in the Dreamweaver properites panel. Is there any way to fix that?