View Full Version : slideToggle with scrollbar + IE7/IE8 png opacity issue - Help Please

12-19-2011, 09:11 PM
Evening All

I'll keep it simple, latest project is here:


1. I've an issue with showing/hiding content on the services page. Browser scrolling is disabled but I'm using the TinyScroll plugin to scroll the main content wrapper

I'm calling a function to update the scrollbar when the toggles are clicked but it doesn't actually update (correctly) untill the toggles are clicked again. Have a go and you'll see what I mean

The scrollbar and update function is working perfectly inside other events such as the fadeIn / Out and window resizing, I can't work out why it doesn't work here

$('.toggle-link').click(function () {
if ($(this).is('.toggle-close')) {
else {

2. Secondly, use the navigation menu to navigate the site in IE7 + IE8. You'll notice horrible black pixels around most of the elements when fading, such as headers (cufon images), paragraphs etc

I think it's a background transparency issue as they work fine if I add backgrounds to them but I need them to have transparent backgrounds. I know IE6, 7 + 8 don't handle background transparency well but I've tried many fixes using transparent 2x2 gifs with javascript / plugins etc but none of them help

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for all help in advance